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· Garet Gluck ·
Garet Gluck started his career in entertainment industry in the early 1980's working for a Japanese television company broadcasting American sporting events. He worked in both production and post production for "Black Rain" and "Mr. Baseball." For "Swallowtail Butterfly"(dir: Shunji Iwai,) he served as a post production supervisor. He has been producing commercials for Japanese clients for the past 10 years.

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· Nick Dodet ·
Nick Dodet was born in Lyon France. After getting a masters' degree in music there in the late 1980's, he moved to Los Angeles. He then started composing music for underground movies, which earned him awards at the Lisbon and Munich film festivals. He has been involved in the production of TV commercials for the past 6 years, as well as working as an assistant director for feature films in the US.

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· Cellin Gluck ·
Cellin Gluck has worked throughout his career extensively in creating a cultural bridge between Japan and America. He worked for 4 years in advertising and sports promotion, and got involved in the first satellite broadcast to Japan of the Indianapolis 500, US open tennis and US men and women golf championships. During this period, he was the intermediary for ABC, NBC, CBS and their Japanese counterparts, including NHK, TBS, TV Asahi among others.

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